Yup, UNCANNY X-MEN by Bendis & Bachalo is Coming!

Last week's teaser of a third Uncanny series as part of Marvel NOW! featuring Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo gave only one viable option, the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men. Well call us Destiny and marry us to Mystique because we were right, and Uncanny X-Men #1 by Bendis and Bachalo is on the way from Marvel Comics in February 2013.

  But there were some unanswered questions, like who would star in the series, what tone and direction it would take, and a first interview on Marvel.com helped answer those. Mild spoilers for AvX: Consequences, released this past Wednesday November 7, 2012, are ahead. The team features the core four members of the "extinction team" that were brought together by Cyclops: himself, Magneto, Magik, and Emma Frost. Those four will be traveling the world trying to recruit the new mutants created by the Phoenix at the end of Avengers Vs. X-Men. "This is not Dark X-Men," assures Bendis to Marvel.com. "Although their actions, sometimes, may not have seemed heroic, their actions were always about trying to make the world better than it is. Whether or not we thought it was for a better world is another question. Magneto, when written well, is trying to make the world better for mutantkind. He just doesn't think, or [didn’t think], that humans and mutants can or should get along." That doesn't mean this will be sunshine and lollipops, though. "If the Avengers are a family, then Uncanny X-Men is a very, very, very dysfunctional family. But these characters really do need each other. And some of them love each other. And some of them don't," said the writer. And as that hints, while Emma and Scott will be on the same team, they will no longer be involved. "The romance is done. They are not together anymore romantically. It's pretty hard to come back from what they went through in Avengers Vs. X-Men." The breakup will "take a while," though, and Bendis said it's been "fun to write." As for Magneto, he'll be in "a very specific new chapter in his life." Bendis plans to really break the character down and "establish a very bold, new chapter for Magneto." The story will tie to Bendis's other X-title, All-New X-Men, of course. "You will discover in the very first issue of All-New X-Men exactly where Scott Summers’ head is at. Of all the X-Men that feel it is their job to further the legacy of Charles Xavier, no one feels it more strongly than Scott Summers." Beyond the first issue and Scott's motivation, though, Bendis says, "The books will connect thematically and sometimes even story-wise, but you don't have to buy both books to enjoy them." The writer likened the relationship to that of Avengers and New Avengers during his lengthy run.
  The new mutants will of course be a big part of this story, "front and center," and Bendis said his first focus for them is always "character," rather than mutant ability. "I find myself much more interested in meeting new people, people we haven't seen in the Marvel Universe before. This job allows me to travel all around the world and meet all kinds of people and hear all kinds of stories, and I have been writing them down for years, waiting for the moment to unleash them. Then I try to find a new or interesting power set, something I haven't seen done to death, whether it's a visual for a unique power." As for Chris Bachalo's art, he said he's excited to work with him again after the Dark Avengers Annual. "I have been a fan of his for years. He is one of the artists that I buy anything with his name on it. Chris is a very specific talent with a very unique look at the comic book page and I would be a fool not to do everything I can to help him take that as far as he can." Uncanny X-Men #1 launches as part of Marvel NOW! in February, 2013.

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