More YOUNG JUSTICE Uncertainty: Comic Canceled in February


Revealed unceremoniously in this week's DC Comics' February 2013 solicitations, Young Justice, the comic book tie-in to the animated television series, has been canceled with issue #25. The show, meanwhile, is currently on it's fifth major hiatus in its two years on the air, this one coming suddenly as episodes of it and DC Nation sister show Green Lantern: The Animated Series were recently pulled with no explanation hours before their scheduled airing. So what could the Young Justice comic cancelation mean for the future of the franchise? If it follows the trend of television tie-ins that have come before, the tea leaves aren't promising. Brandon Vietti, Producer, Writer, and Director for Warner Animation on Young Justice TV, said when the hiatus began that his team had put their all into "the last ten" episodes that have currently been produced. Looking at the history of Warner Bros' DC Comics shows and their comic book tie-ins reveals this early end to the comic to be a unique case. DC Comics has released comic book tie-ins to every major animated series that Warner Bros has produced based on their properties since 1992's Batman: The Animated Series. That first tie-in comic was very popular, lasting five years beyond the cancelation of the TV series. Superman: The Animated Series, Teen Titans, and Justice League's tie-in comic books each lasted two years beyond their accompanying TV shows. Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century and The Batman Strikes both had runs that ended 9 months after the cartoons they were based on.
  In fact, the only comic book that ended before its accompanying TV series was the most recent, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which ended nine months before the final episode of the show aired. However, the TV series of the same name was announced as canceled five months before the final issue of the comic. So, what can we extrapolate? DC Comics typically runs their tie-in books until anywhere from several months to a couple of years beyond the end of the animated series. Young Justice the comic ends in February. There are 10 additional episodes of the show that have currently been produced, and no word, positive or negative, on a season 3. And of course, the two years of the show so far have aired only sporadically, with little consistent scheduling. In mid-October 2012, the show was pulled with the only comment being that it, and the rest of DC Nation, would be back with new episodes in January 2013. As for Green Lantern, the comic book tie-in sees its eleventh issue in February 2013, and is not listed as the final issue. The TV series was announced with a 26-episode first season, of which 15 episodes have aired so far. DC Comics representatives declined to respond to inquiries regarding the cancelation of the Young Justice comic or its implication for the TV show's future. When reached on this issue, Warner Animation's only comment on the future of Young Justice TV continues to be that the show, and the rest of DC Nation, will return in January 2013 with new episodes. More from Newsarama:
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