Gerry Duggan Shoots Straight on HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

This October, Marvel is aiming to create perhaps the most unlikely comics duo ever, featuring two of its most memorable marksmen in Hawkeye vs. Deadpool. Announced yesterday, this six-issue series by Deadpool co-writer Gerry Duggan and Deadpool Killustrated artist Matteo Lolli sees the Avengers alum and the Merc with a Mouth at odds over a murder mystery under S.H.I.E.L.D.’s nose – and Duggan says for one of them, it’s personal.

Duggan, an admitted “huge” fan of Clint Barton and the current Hawkeye series, promises to play fair when writing the archer in the face-off with Deadpool (whose series he co-writes), but says both heroes will get some lumps – and then some. The California-based scribe tells Newsarama he aims to “live up to the ‘vs.’ in title,” and describes it as a character piece that will “play with the conventions” of both character’s solo titles.

Deadpool commission by Matteo Lolli
Deadpool commission by Matteo Lolli
Credit: Marvel Comics / Matteo Lolli

Newsarama: Gerry, what’s bringing Wade and Clint together for Hawkeye vs. Deadpool?

Gerry Duggan: A murder mystery that unfolds right on Barton’s doorstep, and will eventually have a personal connection to Deadpool.

Nrama: You’ve no stranger to Deadpool, but Hawkeye is another story. What’s your appraisal of Clint Barton?

Duggan: Hawkeye is one of my favorite comics in existence now. What Matt, David, Annie and everyone else is doing there is great, so it’s a rare treat to be able to play in that corner of the Marvel sandbox. As far as Clint goes personally, his superpower is to win at all costs regardless of the price his body pays. He and Deadpool are like The Odd Couple but with multiple Oscars, and not really a Felix to either of them. It’s been fun writing them and their back and forth.

Nrama: And how does Wade view Clint, and vice-versa?

Duggan: I think the cornerstone of our Deadpool run is that people really don’t want to be seen standing next to Deadpool; they would prefer to be teaming up with anyone else, and that’s true of Barton as well. Deadpool doesn’t have a real great comfort level with anyone; he’s started to build something with Captain America and Wolverine in the past, and there was the fun team-up in A+X but this is, more or less, a fresh slate. Deadpool is a little dismissive of the skills Hawkeye has, and his lack of super powers.

So those two things cross over into a fun place to be; both of them sort of dismissive of one another but forced to work together.

Nrama: Like we said, you’re no stranger to Wade being the co-writer of Deadpool. For fans of Hawkeye, they might be concerned you’d be biased to see Wade come out on top here in this series. What would you say to that?

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Duggan: You know, if there’s anyone worried I have a dog in the fight I’d just tell them I want everyone to have fun. The truth of the matter, to the Hawkeye readers out there, is we often cast Deadpool as the underdog anyway. And the editors at Marvel will make sure to keep me honest; to keep me from tipping the scales.

And I’m aiming to live up to the “vs.” in the title, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool. We want to carry that through and find fun ways to keep it going. They might stop shooting arrows and bullets at one another at some point, but they’ll still be acting out against each other. They will have a common goal over the course of the series, but their secondary plan is to stay at each other’s throats.

Nrama: This is a miniseries beginning in October – will the story be independent of the primary Deadpool and Hawkeye series, or could we see some overlap in terms of their individual stories?

Duggan: You will see story elements from both overlap, but the last thing I want to do is step on Matt’s toes, or anyone else’s, about story. People interested in Hawkeye vs. Deadpool don’t necessarily have to read either character’s ongoings to enjoy this, but there’s a few things we hit upon that build of what has happened, and what will  happen, in their two individual series. Hawkeye vs. Deadpool will have a lot of DNA from the two ongoing books.

Nrama: Working with you on this is Matteo Lolli, fresh off illustrating Deadpool: Killustrated.  You’ve worked with some greats on Deadpool like Tony Moore, Mike Hawthorne and others – but what’s it like bringing Matteo here to do a story that’s equal parts Deadpool and Hawkeye?

Duggan: Matteo is the perfect guy to be drawing this book; he’s been on my radar for a long time to collaborate with. The first thing he did for this project is work up sketches of Clint, and he nailed in; there was almost some Kevin Maguire aspects to some of his faces.

Nrama: Big picture here, Gerry; why are you excited about this project, and why should readers be?

Duggan: I’m excited because it’s my first time taking a crack at Hawkeye. There’s a fun story here that my Deadpool readers will enjoy, and I’m hoping Hawkeye fans will as well. It’s a character piece, and the plot has some nice character moments. I’m also going to play with the conventions both of these books inhabit. I’m also excited to get a crack at a surprise Spider-Man villain, and it will be a fun issue for anyone who buys it. The first issue, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #0, takes place on Halloween night and I have some new and exciting things to share that’ll be fun as well.

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