Back and to the Left: MARVEL Makes ZOMBIES ASSEMBLE #1 Returnable Because of Format

Marvel Comics May 2017 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics

The first isue of Marvel's Zombies Assemble is being made fully-returnable due to an apparent oversight in how it was solicited.

Zombies Assemble is a serialized reprint of Yusaku Komiyama's manga tale which pits the Avengers against hordes of zombies, localized by writer Jim Zub. The series is being printed in the original manga reading format, in which panels are read right-to-left and the book itself read back-to-front, with the spine on the right side of the book - the opposite configuration most American and European comic books use.

Because this atypical format was not disclosed in the initial solicitation, Marvel has made the series' first issue fully returnable by retailers. Zombies Assemble #1 is due out on shelves May 17.

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