The PHOENIX Rises - and [SPOILER] Dies - in JEAN GREY #10

Jean Grey #10
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Jean Grey #10 from writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Alberto Alburquerque sets the stage for the return of the original Jean Grey in the upcoming Phoenix Resurrection. But Jean’s return may come with a cost…

Spoilers ahead for Jean Grey #10.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As Jean Grey #10 opens, young Jean, Emma Frost, Hope, the Cuckoos, and the psychic remnant of older Jean are fleeing the Phoenix Force. Hope finally goads young Jean into fighting the Phoenix, but it quickly overpowers them, leading Jean to get her Bamf to teleport everyone to Cyclops’ old Weapon X base. The Phoenix quickly arrives to pursue them, as older Jean encourages younger Jean to fight on alone.

Emma declares that that’s not going to happen, and the whole ensemble engages the Phoenix. Wielding Cable’s psi-mitar, Jean scores a direct blow against the Phoenix - but it catches Hope, and Jean can’t risk a second shot. Finally taking older Jean’s advice, she manifests psychic armor and engages the Phoenix alone.

Credit: Marvel Comics

She gets on its back, declaring that she knows it won’t kill her - its most desired host. Wrapping psychic chains around its neck, she steers it towards the ground, plummeting into the earth. Both the Phoenix and young Jean rally as older Jean arrives. The Phoenix attacks younger Jean, but older Jean jumps in the way, beseeching it to stop.

Older Jean explains that even though she is powerful, the younger Jean isn’t ready to wield the power of the Phoenix. Manifesting the Phoenix Force will kill her.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Phoenix Force unexpectedly replies, “Yes. Exactly that,” and reaches out with its flaming beak, piercing young Jean’s heart and seemingly incinerating her, as she realizes that what the Phoenix actually wants is the older Jean.

Jean Grey #10 ends with the psychic remnant of older Jean sitting in the blast area where the young Jean stood just moments prior.

The story continues in Phoenix Resurrection #1, on shelves December 27. Jean Grey #11 - the series' final issue – is due out on shelves January 31.

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