All-New X-Men
Credit: Marvel Comics
Brian Michael Bendis
Brian Michael Bendis
Credit: DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis has been hired to script 20th Century Fox's planned Kitty Pryde movie directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller, according to Deadline. The reported film is going under the working title of "143," which The Hollywood Reporter says refers to Uncanny X-Men #143 - an early Kitty Pryde story in comic books.

Bendis has retweeted these reports, tacitly confirming his hiring.

Bendis is best known for writing comic books at Marvel for the past 18 years, but recently signed a multi-faceted exclusive deal with DC Comics. During his time at Marvel, Bendis was tapped to write the now-integral post-credits scene to 2008's Iron Man which initiated the integrated Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also served as part of Marvel Studios' Marvel Creative Committee from 2008 to 2015.

Bendis has written Pryde extensively in comic books, from Ultimate X-Men to All-New X-Men, and even brought her into Guardians of the Galaxy.

No start date for 20th Century Fox's Kitty Pryde is known - Miller is currently in the pre-production phase of a new Terminator movie for Fox and Paramount.

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