Lightstep #1
Credit: Miloš Slavković (Dark Horse Comics)

This November, Dark Horse will publish the debut of an auspicious cartoonist named Miloš Slavkovic in a new series titled Lightstep. Described as a "sci-fi romp/space opera," Lightstep is Slavkovic's debut in comic books after working in the video game industry.

"Lightstep is about a galaxy controlled by a race of elevated beings who live out their lives on accelerated 'Lightstepped' planets - where a single day spans a lifetime on other worlds," reads Dark Horse's description of the book. "Lightstep follows January Lee, a woman of royal descent, whose 'divine illness' reveals to her the lies of her ancestors who founded the empire. Banished from her home into the void, an unexpected rescue sets January on a course to redeem her heritage and change the galaxy forever."

Credit: Miloš Slavković (Dark Horse Comics)

Slavkovic is a graduate of Belgade's University of Arts. A preview of Lightstep - under its previous title of Lightstep Chronicles was chosen for publication in the 2017 edition of Spectrum.

Lightstep #1 is scheduled to be released in November. Look for Dark Horse's full November 2018 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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