INVADERS Pits CAPTAIN AMERICA & NAMOR Against Each Other - And Goes Back to WWII

Invaders #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Chip Zdarsky has shared new details of his 2019 Invaders series, which will launch to celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary.

The series will juxtapose scenes of Captain America and Namor as allies in World War II, while pitting them against each other as enemies in the modern Marvel Universe. The two time periods will be illustrated by Carlos Magni and Butch Guice respectively.

"Carlos is doing the modern parts and Butch is illustrating the WW2 parts," Zdarsky tweeted. "Cap and Namor are two of my all-time favorite characters, so getting to write them going head-to-head and fighting together is a dream come true."

Additionally, Marvel has confirmed the series will run "throughout" 2019 - though the exact number of planned issues was not confirmed. You can see the cover for Invaders #1, which is due out in January, right here.

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