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Credit: Marvel Games

In honor of Marvel Comics' 80th anniversary, Marvel Strike Force will add the Fantastic Four and Namor to the game's line-up.

The newly added characters will be rolled out in "the coming weeks" per the announcement (though no specific debut dates for the characters have been listed).

Credit: Marvel Games

Here are the official descriptions of the new characters: 

  • The Thing, a master in hand-to-hand combat with a nearly indestructible body, this brawler draws on his formidable form and super fists to obliterate opponents. In game, clobber enemies for immense damage and inflict recoil damage on enemies attacking The Thing.
  • The Human Torch, armed with heat energy absorption and the ability to resist extreme temperatures, this guy will scorch any enemies that cross his path. In game, incinerate and weaken your enemies’ offense while empowering fellow Fantastic Four allies, including Namor.  
  • Mister Fantastic is a powerful ally as the leader of the Fantastic Four. Together with his crew, his extreme superhuman elasticity and endurance strengthen the team’s diverse and unique skill set. In game, strike multiple enemies with elastic blows, stun troublesome enemies, and call in and orbital strike for good measure. 
  • Invisible Woman lends her superpowers to trick enemies when they least expect it. As the newest Legendary Character, grant allies stealth and barrier to infiltrate enemy lines while maintaining a powerful defense. 
  • Namor joins the fight alongside the Fantastic Four, lending telepathic control and the ability to move and transform water. In game, Namor rounds out the Fantastic Four into a powerful War Offense team. Initiate war battles with offense up and deflect and summon Giganto to clear enemy buffs and reduce their speed bar. 

Along with the new characters, several 80th anniversary-themed in-game events will reward participating players with game materials and other advantages. 

Here are the official details on Marvel Strike Force's anniversary events: 

  • MARVEL 80th Anniversary Daily Log-In Calendar - Players can log-in daily to claim character shards of MARVEL’s first original characters and more! 
  • 2x Marvel 80th Shards from Campaign Nodes - Players will earn double MARVEL 80th character shards from participating in campaign modes, including Captain America, Hawkeye, Groot, Black Panther, Storm, Ms. Marvel and Doctor Strange. 
  • Lowered Campaign Refresh Cost- The cost to purchase Campaign Energy will remain at 80 Power Cores for the day.
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