New SHADOWLAND Teaser: "Greatest Villain" & Major Death?

Marvel SHADOWLAND Teasers

Update 9 June 11: Marvel really likes this "birth of the greatest villain" angle. The second teaser to feature that tagline came out today, recreating a famous scene from Daredevil #181 by Frank Miller.

In the original, the villainous Bullseye took the sai off Elektra, then paramour of Daredevil, and used it to impale and kill her. In the teaser image, Daredevil, dressed in his new black costume, is driving a sharp and pointy through Bullseye, instead. Whether these events will play out as shown here, or if this is in fact a "tease" in the grander sense of the word remains to be seen, when Shadowland kicks off in July 2010.
Update 8 June 10: The Marvel Universe's greatest villain will be born in Shadowland, or at least that's what this latest teaser says. The image of Daredevil with an oh-so-sinister smile implies taht his time with The Hand is affecting him more than he may try to be pretending. 
Update 7 May 14: In any big Daredevil story, you just know a certain someone is looming in the background. In this John Cassaday variant cover for the first issue of Shadowland, he's large and in charge, and the Kingpin will clearly be playing a big role in this one. Also of note in this image is the heroes standing, looking united. It's Daredevil in front in his darker costume, accompanied by Moon Knight, Spider-Man,  White Tiger, Iron Fist, Elektra, and Luke Cage.
Update 6 May 13: Just when you thought it was safe to go in the shadows, Marvel his us with a new Shadowland teaser, this featuring a new look for Daredevil reflecting the dark turn he's taken...
Update 5 Apr 30: It's Wolverine again, and he has a mask hanging bloody from his claws... But this one doesn't belong to Bullseye, or any villain. This one belongs to the current leader of The Hand, and the star of the crossover, Daredevil. This coupled with the 4th teaser is starting to make things look bad for the blind superhero.
Update 4 Apr 30: Wolverine is one of those characters that is equally at home fighting a massively powerful madman and tearing through the average thug. His long history with ninja, especially with the Hand and Elektra, makes him a pretty natural fit for this crossover.  Wolvie's giving the middle claw to the mask of Bullseye. Perhaps Daredevil's greatest foe, Bullseye has been responsible for a lot of death in Matt Murdock's life. The man who never misses has been playing dress-up as Norman Osborne's Hawkeye, and has had an interesting personal relationship with Logan's son, Daken. Could this be the end for dear Lester?
Update 3 Apr 29: We saw a couple of days ago that Elektra will be involved in the Shadowland story. Today's teaser is a throwback to a classic cover that longtime Daredevil fans will know well. The context of the cover is certainly troubling for fans of ole hornhead. With a major death having just happened in Marvel's "Second Coming" X-over, such things aren't out of the question. This teaser is more likely just meant as that call-back, but everything, as it's been said, has a reason
Update 2 Apr 28: Moon Knight has had an ongoing for a few years now, but looks to be getting a big push this year. Already announced as a member of the Secret Avengers, he'll now also be on the ground in the Shadowland, keeping up his secretive theme. Pitted against Khufu's minion in the teaser is Ghost Rider. The Marvel Spirit of Vengeance's presence is a natural with the supernatural themes to the story. It also brings a slightly larger sense to the crossover as a whole, and marks Ghost Rider's first big interaction with other major Marvels in a while.
Update 1 Apr 27:  The series of teasers about Marvel's Summer event comic continues, again revealing more characters that will be involved. Luke Cage is at home on the streets of NYC. Thanks to his push to the foreground at the hands of writer Brian Michael Bendis, Cage is probably the first hero a lot of people think of when they think "street-level." By the side of the impenetrable-skinned man is his longtime friend, sometimes partner, Iron Fist. Danny Rand has gone through immense physical, spiritual, and financial journeys in the last 3 or 4 years of his tales. Seeing the two of them side-by-side is familiar to  long-time fans. And of course, standing at the foreground of the image is a red-clad ninja holding her signature sai, Elektra. The friend, foe, lover, partner of Daredevil and agent, leader, enemy of the ninja clan Hand that Matt Murdock now leads shouldn't surprise anyone with her presence.
Original Story: As announced officially at C2E2, the Shadowland is descending upon New York City this summer. Writer Andy Diggle gave us some details about how the crossover will play out in Daredevil, and today Marvel released a teaser image revealing two more participants in this mystical event. While Diggle teased the presence of the Avengers, this image gets more exact. It also teases that Spider-Man may be having a showdown with an old foe during the crossover. SHADOWLAND #1 (of 5)

Written by ANDY DIGGLE

Penciled by BILLY TAN


Wraparound Variant Cover by BILLY TAN

Rated T+ …$3.99


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