exclusive new art! After DC's announcement of the creative teams behind its 52 new #1 issues for September, news was coming fast about the stories to be told in this revamped universe.

Newsarama readers got a huge amount of information about what was coming, from the calming words of new Batman writer Scott Snyder to Gail Simone's explanation of Barbara Gordon is now Batgirl.

But now that the frenzy has settled a bit, Newsarama is checking back with the writers behind the New 52 for a series of short interviews we're calling "DCnU Part 2." We're giving creators a second chance to summarize what's coming next month in their brand new titles, and to spill anything new that readers haven't heard.

To kick off the new series, we start off with Dan Jurgens on Justice League International, which is scheduled for release on September 7th. When Newsarama first talked to Jurgens, he described the new JLI team as having a truly international make-up.

  And he indicated that the team is getting a fresh take in the comic.

"It's a matter of going back to square one on each of them," Jurgens said. "What are there basic personality traits? Why do they do what they do? How do they mix once they're thrown together? What makes them different from one another? Why do they do what they do?"

Now we find out more about just how the heroes came together, as Newsarama follows up that interview with five questions that we're asking writers on the New 52 (plus an extra question thrown in because of our curiosity):

Newsarama: Is there anything you couldn't talk about or detail before (when we first talked about JLI) that you can tell readers now?

Dan Jurgens: By now, folks have seen a few more visuals and also seen another issue or two solicited, so they may have a better feel for the book.

  One of the things I'd emphasize is that these heroes didn't decide on their own to band together. They were assembled by a third party. That makes for some tough situations, as we shouldn't assume they're the best of friends.

Nrama: Now that you've seen the reaction from fans to the news about your comic, what are the top three things you want to clarify about it?

Jurgens: The thing I'm probably asked most often is if this is a return to the "Bwah-ha-hah!" days of the League.

Given the membership, there are bound to be some humorous moments, but it certainly won't be the overt tone or style of the book. We're going to have fun, but this will also be about highflying adventure and action.

Nrama: Now that you're further into writing the comic, how would you describe the direction your title is taking?

  Jurgens: I hope the key word would be "entertaining." We have a good mix of individuals with some good, interesting personalities. It makes for a good combination. On top of that, Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan are hitting high gear on each and every page.

Nrama: What character(s) in your comic do you expect to become beloved by fans? And why?

Jurgens: Wow! Good question! I'm having a lot of fun with the relationship between August General in Iron and Rocket Red. They might hook some folks, and I think we've also pushed Booster to a good platform.

Nrama: Is the mystery woman who appeared on the cover to the first issue someone we might have seen in Flashpoint?

Jurgens: Sorry, the mystery woman will have to remain exactly that. A mystery!

Nrama: What's the most important thing you want readers to remember about your comic?

  Jurgens: The lineup is constantly subject to change. Because the JLI was assembled by the United Nations, there's an ongoing struggle between Booster and the UN in terms of who really gets to run and make decisions about the group. It's not an easy situation for Booster to navigate. Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's FACEBOOK and TWITTER!
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