Epic Win's BATMAN Burlesque Titillates & Amuses

Batman and boobies go together like... Batman and Robin?

That's the case here at The Tank in New York City thanks to the nerdy burlesque troupe Epic Win Burlesque. The troupe assembled in 2009 for a Dark Knight themed show called "Holy Sh*t, Batman!" and decided after hitting the realms of Ghostbusters, the "Star Debate: Wars versus Trek," violent films, and DC vs Marvel, they returned to Gotham for "Holy Sh*t, Batman Returns!"
  Longtime friends Schaffer the Darklord and Nelson Lugo teamed up to produce and host the show once more, after having announced this will be Schaffer's last show. The nerdcore rapper brought the funny one last time, with help from his friend and a new third host, Schaffer's doppleganger, Schaffer the Puppet. Their skits in-between dancing girls included dressing as Hugo Strange and Scarecrow, Batman trivia (always corrected by the stalwart Mr. Pennyworth), and a rap song about Popeye sung by the Darklord and the Puppet versions of Schaffer together. They kept the audience laughing with their antics and reminded them that true Burlesque is about more than just pretty nearly naked girls. Of course, there was that, too. After kicking off with some go-go dancing by Stella Chu as Batgirl, the show people came to see began!
  The parade of Batman-themed burlesque included major characters from across his history. Hazel Honeysuckle (a good burlesque dancer always needs a solid, if slightly goofy name!) kicked things off with an umbrella-twirling longstem cigarette-smoking performance as The Penguin. BB Heart was Two-Face, Hard Corey brought a little something for the ladies with a frozen performance as Mr. Freeze, Magdalena Fox dirtied up the stage with a Pig-Pen inspired Clayface, Fem Appeal tortured Alfred in a slightly scary performance as Black Mask, Victoria Privates and her Batmen rocked as Robin, and of course Miss Mary Cyn brought the heat as The Joker (and yes, she wound up in the nurse outfit). Shockingly authentic costumes, hilarious themed pasties (Penguins, a scarred-by-acid, and of course Chu's Batarangs come to mind), and songs that ranged from burlesque classics to Vanilla Ice kept the entertainment factor high.
  The dances ranged from goofy to violent, and always sexy. The crowd hooted and hollered (as encouraged by Schaffer and Lugo), nerded out to Batman lore together, and even won some prizes in a raffle. It was always light-hearted and always fun. It'll be sad to see Schaffer go before the planned other 2012 shows including Harry Potter and Steampunk, but with a cast of fun, sexy nerds, Nelson, and the new Schaffer puppet in the mix, Epic Win should be set for a long future. What's that you say? You want more pictures than the few included here? Click through the gallery in the upper right corner for more! More information on Epic Win Burlesque can be found at their official website, facebook, and twitter! Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's FACEBOOK and TWITTER!
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