Way's DEADPOOL Exit Strategy: Supervillains, Hit-Monkey

Deadpool #59


After four years, writer Daniel Way is leaving Deadpool, a fact that became even clearer last Thursday morning when Marvel teased the creative team of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore as taking over the series in November as part of the Marvel NOW! revamp. There's a lot of issues left to go before that happens, though, including the currently unfolding story arc "Blacklisted" that sees villains Black Box, Black Swan and Black Tom Cassidy (sense a theme?) out for revenge against Wade Wilson. September brings the return of Hit-Monkey, a cult-favorite character co-created by Way and artist Dalibor Talajić, and the writer's run "comes to a head" with issues #62 and #62 in October. Newsarama talked to Way about leaving Deadpool behind, plus the Merc with a Mouth's upcoming video game from High Moon Studios and the writer's next Marvel project, of which he can currently say very little (though he did give us a hint).

Newsarama: Daniel, it's certainly been a noteworthy past few months for Deadpool as a character, who came out of the "Dead" arc very much alive, with no healing factor and his old face back. What motivated your decision to go in that direction? Given that we now know you're wrapping up your run on the character, was it a matter of wanting to try something new and bold before departing from the book?

Daniel Way: What, like dropping a live grenade and walking out the door, locking the new writer inside? Nah. I simply felt that it was time to change the dynamics a bit and, more importantly, to give Deadpool something really worth fighting for — his own life.

Deadpool #61


Nrama: You're revisiting a whole cadre of old Deadpool villains in the "Blacklisted" arc. Was this a notion of looking to touch on elements of Deadpool history that you hadn't had a chance to explore yet?

Way: Once it’s known that Deadpool is vulnerable — that he can actually be killed — it becomes a “blood in the water” situation. There are a lot of people in the MU who would like nothing more than to see Deadpool dead, dead, dead. “Blacklisted” is just the first wave.

Nrama: You're also revisiting a character you created, Hit-Monkey. Is this sort of the opposite of the above — bringing some aspects of your run full circle? And how have you enjoyed returning to the character, after he's been off the board for a bit?

Way: Hell, I'd put Hit-Monkey into every issue if I could.

And just to clear up some confusion; the Hit-Monkey video game that was teased by Activision/High Moon Studios was just a smokescreen to hide the announcement of the Deadpool game — there is no Hit-Monkey game. Yet.

Nrama: Speaking of the Deadpool video game, what can you say at this point about your involvement? And how well does the character translate to the medium? (Based on the fan reaction to the initial preview, it looks like the answer is "very well.")

  Way: I can say that I’m writing it and that I’ve been involved since the very beginning, working with High Moon Studios to come up with "the" Deadpool game that we, the fans, have all been waiting for.

Nrama: And now the obvious question — why is now the right time to step away from Deadpool? And how much has working on the character meant to you over the past four years?

Deadpool #63 cover. Way: At this point, I’ve written more Deadpool stories than any other writer. This means that I’ve been deprived of reading the book purely for entertainment for longer than any other fan. I couldn’t take it anymore!

Nrama: Also, it was made clear at Comic-Con that though you're leaving Deadpool, you're not leaving Marvel, with another project coming up. Though there's surely not much you can say, are there any vague teases that you can give to help fuel speculation?

Way: Well, it’s a team book and… yeah, that’s about all I can say. 

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