LEGION LOST Writer Ready To Reveal Series' Mysteries


Now that Tom DeFalco is not only the writer of Legion Lost, but also Superboy, readers have also started to see more connections between the two comics.

At the heart of these connections is the mysterious but foreboding villain known as Harvest. As the leader of the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. organization, Harvest has shown a eerie interest in superpowered teens, but has also used technology that hint he's from the future where the Legion of Super-Heroes reside.

In Legion Lost, the ongoing comic DeFalco writes with Pete Woods on art, several members of the Legion are stranded in the 21st Century and have discovered a disturbing alteration to their future. Newsarama talked to DeFalco to find out what readers can expect from Legion Lost #0 and beyond.

Newsarama: Tom, we're getting to know these Metamericans in Legion Lost. What's the story behind these characters?

Tom DeFalco: They're a special response recon team that Homeland Security has set up. The general feeling is that once superheroes have made their presence known in the DC Universe, right away, every government on the globe will start preparing for the eventuality that they'll have to face superpowered menaces. And this is a manifestation of that idea.

There is a major who we first met in Legion Lost #6 who actually dealt with one of these superpowered groups. And her reaction when she sees the team is, "we're going to get slaughtered," because she's seen what they're actually up against.

But battles take weird turns. And Project Metamerican has some advantages.

Nrama: It feels like there are a lot of secrets between the members of the team in Legion Lost. Is that one of their biggest problems right now?

DeFalco: Yes. Obviously, their biggest problem is that they're stranded in the past. But they're not functioning as a team because everybody's got secrets upon secrets. And they're not really working together. We can see the group fracturing. And it might be the strain of being stuck behind enemy lines for so long.

Hopefully, they'll come together as a team when it counts.

Nrama: They saw the future, and it wasn't a good one. It looks like Harvest might have something to do with that. Any clues you can give about that?

DeFalco: We'll find out a lot more about that as time goes on.

The team itself isn't sure, was that caused by Harvest? Was that caused by some other menace? And when exactly was it caused?

  We'll actually find out a lot more about that in Legion Lost #13, when we'll see one of the causes.

Nrama: And that issue features Harvest's return. Is that the start of an important storyline for the series?

DeFalco: Yes, most definitely. Up until now, we've been asking questions. With issue #13, we start giving the answers.

Nrama: In September, you're focusing on Timber Wolf for Legion Lost #0. Why did you choose to spotlight that character for the Zero Month issue?

DeFalco: Because he's the most fun in the whole book!

Nrama: Oh, come on. It's got to be more than that. This leads into what's coming in issue #13, doesn't it?

DeFalco: You're very intuitive. It's a very important issue for what's coming. There's a set-up that relates to... well, everything. Ultimately, this issue allows people to understand the whole circle of the Legion Lost series.

Issue #0 is probably the most pivotal issue of the series yet.

However, if you've never read a DC Comics before, you'll still be able to read this one and understand everything that's going on. If you've never read a Legion of Super-Heroes book or the Legion Lost book, it will still make sense.

And if you have been reading, it will have even deeper meaning and will have more of an emotional kick to you.

And if you keep on reading Legion Lost after this, issue #0 will give you much greater insights into what's happening.

Nrama: The #0 issues are supposed to go back to a time before issue #1. When does Legion Lost #0 take place?

DeFalco: Well, this may sound confusing to the uninitiated, but with Legion Lost, because they've come back in time, their past is actually in the future.

So Legion Lost #0 takes place before they travel to the past. In other words, it takes place in the future, but a future that has already occurred.

  To be more specific, the Legion of Super-Heroes book takes place in the 31st Century of the DC Universe. So this story you'll see in Legion Lost #0 probably occurred in the late part of the 30th Century.

Nrama: And what will we see in the issue?

DeFalco: We'll see the how and why of Timber Wolf, and how he became the interesting character that he is. We also get clues as to what his ultimate fate will be.

Nrama: Then to finish up, what will fans see in the second half of 2012 in Legion Lost?

DeFalco: Basically, up until now, we've been running at top speed, trying to produce the most exciting stories that we can.

But for the rest of the year, we've gotten turbo-charged. We're going to double the excitement and double the thrills.

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